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March 2007 AYC Ecology North Cardiac Care Information
    Steelhead Warning
    New Ocean Found
    New Sheriff in Town
April 2007 AYC Ecology North Alien Species Invasion of the Great Lakes
    Scientists fear deadly fish virus
    Global warming to lower water levels
    Deena's Story
    Joyce Conservancy
    Joyce Conservancy 2
    Brownstown Dikes
    Heart Stem Cell Research
May 2007 AYC Ecology North Algae in Maumee Bay
    Water pipeline discussion
    Anarctica breaking up
    New life in polar depths
    Cicada Threat
    Clean Energy
    Bubonic Plague in Denver
    VHS Disease in Lake Erie Threat Dodged
    New Strain of Tuberculosis
June 2007 AYC Ecology North Poachers face new penaltys
    Lake Erie invaded by Shrimp
    Cold Thunder in Greenland
    Reef Blunder
July 2007 AYC Ecology North Lake Erie is getting smaller and warmer
    Water quality is improving
August 2007 AYC Ecology North Fair Wind Sailing School
    Wastewater Tunnels
    Maumee River Dike Breaks
    Water Levels in Lake Superior
    EPA Grants
    Local USCG to work with Lasers
    Red Tide

September 2007

AYC Ecology North NASA Studies Algae in Lake Erie
    Followup to NASA Algae Study Announcement
    Northwest Passage Open

National Boating Federation

Clean Water Act Actions
  AYC Ecology North Deadly Amoeba lurks in Florida Lakes  CDC Info on Naegleria
    Scientists Study Changes in Florida Reefs

October 2007

AYC Ecology North Sport or Slaughter??
    E-10 Ethanol Warnings
    Lake Levels
    EPA decides on Spoils
    Ohio warned on Invasive Species
    Bio Fuel Report

November 2007

AYC Ecology North Tennessee Town Runs Out of Water
    Program Recycles Shrinkwrap
    Pollutants infect Freshwater Fish
    Seaweed in Stem Cell Research
    Great Lakes Education Grants
    Dead Birds spread fears of Botulism