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January 2009

  Ohio could lose millions due to Global Warming
    Contamination fears two-headed fish
    Removing cats backfires on Island

BoatUS provides a webcast about E10 additives in marine fuel, and how it affects your boat.

    New uses for old staples
    ONCO awaiting aerial survey
    Scientists find new creatures
    Inside Ice Dunes

February 2009

  Bald Eagle Attacks
    Ottawa River Cleanup Funded
    Huge gamma-ray blast spotted

Volunteers, scientists guard endangered whales

    Biofuels may speed up, not slow global warming

Medical Information

The Ultimate SAAAVE!!

AYC Ecology North

Geologists check on Erie erosion
    Harbour surfaces as toxic hotspot
    Coalition looks to develop fuel cells using Lake Erie water

Capitol power plant dims clean energy hopes

March 2009

  Scientists find 50 new species
    Drywall can emit corrosive gas
    Flammable tap water
    Kimodo dragons kill fisherman
    Team battles arctic winter
    DTE to install wind turbines

Medical Information

Jenny McCarthy on Autism

Medical Information

Licorice may hurt transplant patients
    Large ice shelf ready to break away in Antarctica

Medical Information

Beware the effects of caffeine withdrawal
    Commission to study Lake Erie Algae

April 2009

  Cleveland considers zoning rules for wind turbines
    $6M Water pipelne to Project processing jobs
    Animals thrive in unlikely home
    Solar project finds it hard to squeeze water from desert
    All octopuses are venomous

May 2009

Human Interest

Beware new rental car fees

Medical Information

Toddler brain difference linked to Autism

AYC Ecology North

Report warns of Coral Triangle collapse

June 2009

  Great Lakes czar appointed

July 2009

  Mayflies sign of Lake Erie's health
    Park installs wind cube for power
    Turbine location must consider birds
    Great Lake's water levels rebound
    Voinovich raises battle for Lake Erie's health

August 2009

  When the Cuyahoga burned
    Lake Erie Water Snake makes a comeback
    Pearls Unstrung
    SkySentry checks Algae
    Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch

September  2009

  Lake Erie Cleanup
    NOAA Develops Algal Bloom Forecast
    NOAA Announces Algal Bloom Forecast

November  2009

  Giant Crack in Desert
    Professors find clue to dead zone in Lake
    Unity sought in efforts to protect Great Lakes
    Wilcraft puts floating ATV's on ice
    Jellyfish swim northward
    Asian Carp clear electric fence
    Will Hydrogen power suck the lake dry?
    Thousands of strange creatures found in the deep

December  2009

National Boating Federation

The US Coast Guard released an internal message advising of the imminent termination of the long range aid to navigation Loran-C. Current plans call for the termination process to commence on 4 January 2010. The process is expected to take several months. ALCOAST 675/09 (11/25/09). Note: This will mark the end of an era that started during World War II. The Loran system has improved greatly over the years and was on the edge of yet another advance: to enhanced Loran (eLoran). It is unclear how other nations, which operate their own independent Loran-C systems, will react to this development.

National Marine Manufacturers Association

EPA Delays Decision on Ethanol

Medical Information

Amazing story on Good Morning America December 14, 2009. "Touch Bionics" located in Hilliard, Ohio (US location -- northwest of Columbus) releases bionic fingers for those who have lost their own. for more information.

AYC Ecology North

Ballast Water legislation lacking on many points. See the article.
    Asian Carp action plan off to a promising start. See the article.
    Congressmen urge aggressive action to stop Asian carp.
    Michigan sues in an attempt to stop Asian carp from entering the Great Lakes. December 23 NPR radio station WVIZ (90.3) in Cleveland, OH is reporting that Ohio is joining with Michigan in the attempt to stop Asian carp from entering the Lakes.