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January 2013 Ecology South Due to low Lake levels, can the Chicago River change direction?
  National Boating Federation


  Medical Matters Fecal Transplants Cure Serious Infection
  Ecology North Spreading coal plant byproduct on fields could fight Lake Erie algae
    Scientists find life high above Earth
    Lake Erie Wind Project Receives Government Funding
    LEEDCo hires Lake Erie Offshore Wind VP
    Sasol to build Louisiana chemical plant
February 2013 National Boating Federation Legislative Report
  Ecology North Lake Erie wind project in high gear for next year.
  MBIA Support of Michigan House Bill 215
  Michigan DNR Memo: 2013 Emergency Dredging Initiative - Resolution
    Resolution No 02-2013-01 Dredging Approved
    Michigan Emergency Dredging Plan: 2013 and 2014
    Michigan 2013 Emergency Dredging Locations - Map
    For the Michigan Government page that is home to the above documents presented under Michigan DEQ reference, click here.
  Ecology North Algae bloom: A new source of energy?
    Experts warn Lake Erie algae may increase if cities, farms don't control nutrient threats
  National Boating Federation European Boating Association Report from National Boating Federation
    National Drowning Prevention Symposium Report
    National Ocean Conservancy Presentation at NBF Meeting, San Antonio, Texas
    News Release: U.S. Navy Admiral to address World Ocean Conference
    Congressional Bill 407
  MBIA Legislative Victory: Gov Snyder signs dredging bills
  Ecology North Casey introduces Major Legislation to upgrade locks and dams in Pittsburgh
  I-LYA I-LYA News (includes sign-up for Spring Meeting)
  Spirit of America WARNING: This link will take you to a video on "YouTube" that lasts about 10 minutes. The video was made by high school students, with a lot of help, as will be obvious. It is a heart-wrenching story about the drowning of a 14 year old. See the video.
  National Boating Federation E-Alert: Counterfeit Portable Fire Extinguishers
  Ecology North Lake Erie Offshore Wind Project gets federal funding
    Water Levels Threaten Great Lakes Shipping
March 2013   NorthTurbines put near Lake Erie energize conservation, wind power debate
April 2013   Air Pollution is Hampering Coral Reef Growth
    Asian Carp are already in the Great Lakes, new report suggests
    Extreme algae blooms the new normal
    Study: Microalgae produce more oil faster for energy food or products
    Toxic Chemicals Turn up in Great Lakes plastic pollution
    Lake Erie Water levels below average
    Great Lakes losing 2.5 Billion gallons of water every day due to manmade drain hole near Detroit
  National Boating Federation Resolution: Emergency Locator Beacon
    Trinity II Safety Alert (Note: This is provided as a PSA. It is based on an incident with a commercial ship in the Gulf of Mexico, but is purported as being a viable planning tool for recreational boaters as well. The Author is the National Transportation Safety Board.
  National Boating Federation News Release: Focus on International Ocean Governance Changes at the Sustainable Ocean Summit April 2013
    Meeting Notes: National Recreational Boating Safety Coalition April 10 2013
    BILLS-113hr1389h-To facilitate development of offshore wind energy resources

White House – National Ocean Policy Implementation Plan

President Obama issued a notice stating that, to turn the National Policy for the Stewardship of the Ocean, Our Coasts, and the Great Lakes into on-the-ground (or on-the-water) actions to benefit the American people, the National Ocean Policy Implementation Plan has been developed. The Implementation Plan is intended to describe specific actions federal agencies will take to address key ocean challenges, give states and communities greater input into federal decisions, streamline federal operations, save taxpayer dollars, and promote economic growth. (4/16/13).

  State of Michigan DNR April 16 State of Michigan Great Lakes Water Levels
May 2013 Ecology North Representative Miller pushes for re-evaluation of diversion of water from Lake Michigan
    Florida legislation would remove ethanol mandate and sales tax on manufactured machinery
  National Boating Federation Great Lakes and Mississippi River Basin Study.
  Ecology North Great Lakes Commission want water levels in Huron & Michigan raised
June 2013 National Boating Federation E15 Bills in Congress
    E15 Controversy
    Ethanol Becomes Optional in Florida
    One E15 Bill passes committee with more legislation on the way
    Government Update from American Boating Congress

Representative Miller (R-MI) introduced the Great Lakes Navigation System Sustainability Act of 2013 (H.R. 2273) to implement a program establishing the Great Lakes Navigation System, and for other purposes. (6/6/13).

    Maine - offshore floating wind turbine.
The Department of Energy (DOE) issued a news release stating the nation's first grid-connected offshore floating wind turbine prototype has commenced operation of the coast of Castine, Maine. The 65-foot tall prototype is 1/8th the scale of a commercial installation and will collect data to validate and improve floating wind turbine designs. (5/31/13).
    USCG Report on Navigation Lights
    Recreational Boating Industry conducting new DOE funded Research on Alternative Biofuel
  Michigan Boating Industries Association Shiprider Program.
  National Boating Federation NBF Delegates Report Compilation
    A Blueprint for America's Coasts -- Boat US article on Marine Spatial Planning
  Ecology North Canadian Lifesaving Report
July 2013   2.8 million gallons of partially treated sewage released during storm
    Can we create biofuels, fertilizer from Great Lakes algae?
    June rains give Great Lakes levels a needed boost
    Slimy smelly algae is scaring tourists away from Lake Erie
    Toledo Magazine: Harmful algae blooms
    Toxic Neglect
    Out of sight: GPS Jamming
    When space weather attacks
    Electric Shock Drowning gains attention of Boating Community
    Operation Dry Water 2013 Update
    Sylvan Lake to resume patrols in wake of accident that killed 2 children
    U.S.C.G. Terminates Radio Guards
August 2013   Interior Holds First-Ever Competitive Lease Sale for Renewable Energy in Federal Waters
September 2013   Four I-LYA Coaches Rescue Boaters During Junior Regatta
    Historic Sale for Wind Energy Development Offshore Virginia Advances President's Climate Action Plan
    Race for Hope
    Draft Lake Erie Report Focus of Public Consultations
    September 16 2013 LEEP Offering
    GPS "Spoofing" Possible
    Report for National Boating Federation at September AYC Meeting
    Virginia Boating Education Regulation
    What you need to know about wintering with ethanol
    Now or Never to Keep Asian Carp out of Great Lakes.