(Excerpted from an article by Past Historian Steve Cook 1973)


When and How We Started........

Many years ago, there were several attempts made to organize the yacht clubs in the Toledo area into one unit. According to the minutes of the Ottawa River Yacht Club at their meeting on June 18, 1913, a suggestion was made that the clubs of Toledo form a probably permanent organization to be known by a name such as "The Associated Yacht and Boat Clubs of Toledo."

Apparently nothing came of this and the next mention on the subject came in their minutes of May 20, 1914. Commodore Earl Shanteau reported that a meeting of the different yacht clubs had now organized to what is known as "The Associated Yacht Clubs of Maumee Valley." Percy C. Jones, M.R.Y.C. was elected President, N.G. Alexander, T.P.B.C. Vice President, and Earl Shanteau, O.R.Y.C. was Secretary-Treasurer. A committee was appointed to communicate with the War Department in regard to regulation of bridges and to communicate with the Commerce Club in regard to deposits of oil refuse in the river. The annual dues were set at $1.00.

This effort eventually fell by the wayside also, and finally a permanent organization was formed on May 24, 1925. Letters were sent to the yacht clubs in the Toledo area by Frank Frey asking them to send delegates to a meeting to be held at T.Y.C. on April 25, 1925. Twelve men were present at this meeting representing five yacht clubs; Toledo Yacht Club, Maumee River Yacht Club, Bay View Yacht Club, Ottawa River Yacht Club, and Riverside Yacht Club.

At the first meeting on May 24, 1925, with Frank Frey acting as temporary chairman, the following were elected: Commodore - Theodore Schmitt, Vice Commodore -Earl Shanteau, Rear Commodore - Knipper, Secretary - Frank Frey, Treasurer - E.M. Littin. With much enthusiasm, the A.Y.C. was launched. It was then decided to invite the Monroe Yacht Club to join, and an invitation was extended and accepted. Now the A.Y.C. gained its sixth member of the club.

(Steve Cook went to meet with God in 1980).

Submitted by the Historical Committee; Bill Knack, Ralph Groth, Bill Glass, and Ray Morrow.

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