The forerunner of the Bay View Yacht Club was called the Toledo Power Boat Club. It was organized primarily as a boat owners club; the social side was to be only incidental to the benefits received by its boating members. To fix this purpose upon the policy of the Club, it was provided in the regulations that only active members could vote and hold office. An active member was defined as a member owning a power boat or a substantial interest in one and this rule has been pretty much adhered to over the years. Another objective was to keep the cost to members down to such a figure that any person owning a boat could afford to maintain a membership.

The Toledo Power Boat Club was, with the possible exception of a club in Buffalo, the first power boat club on the Great Lakes. The individuals who became the incorporators, held their first meeting June 1st, 1905 in a machine shop. Articles of incorporation were prepared and signed the same evening and were filed with the Secretary of State, June 3rd, 1905.

For several years, most of the meetings were held in the attic of the Riverside Park Pavilion, and occasionally, they were held up town in some convenient room.

The Club held but few races recognizing the absurdity of attempting to run a fair face where not two boats would be of the same size, shape, or power. However, a number of squadron runs and picnics were held.

In September, 1907, a clubhouse site in Bay View Park was leased from the city. It is located on a lagoon connected with Maumee Bay and affords a safe anchorage & a fine view of the bay and mouth of the Maumee River.

In early November, 1907, the Club constructed a marine railway for the use of its members and a number of boats were hauled out and stored on the Club’s leased grounds, thus carrying out the objective of service to the boating members. This, so far as known, was the first club marine railway on the Great Lakes.

As soon as the clubhouse site had been leased, the building of the clubhouse was considered, but nothing was accomplished until March, 1911 when contracts were let and work actually began. The building was enclosed during the season but not finished on the inside. The annual meeting of 1911, was held in the new building, but the Club continued to meet at Riverside Park during the winter.

The Club’s total indebtedness’ on November 1, 1914, including current bills was $180.00 with bills receivable of more than enough to balance this indebtedness. The Club’s assets on November 1st, 1914, including the building, marine railway, and other property, amounted to over $4,000.00.

During the winter of 1913/1914, over 1,800 feet overall length of boats were stored in the Club’s yard. In May, 1923, incorporation papers were filed with the State of Ohio changing the name to Bay View Yacht Club. The Associated Yacht Clubs was formed in 1925 and Bay View Yacht Club was one of its charter members.


Update April 2019 by PC Stephen Barry

During the late 50’s and early 60’s Bay View generously hosted many orphans and disabled children from the Miami Children’s Home and Sunshine Children’s home for an annual outing. They were taken for a boat ride, followed by entertainment, a luncheon and a small gift.

Bay View had been leasing the property the club sits on from the City of Toledo. In January of 2011 they purchased the land from the city to assure the continued use of the property.

In 2015 a permanent gas grill was built, along with a roof and lights. This will allow for use at parties and other social gatherings. It is located alongside the picnic pavilion and is used frequently.

The club hosts an annual homecoming with food, bands, and entertainment on the third weekend in August. The public is welcome.

Bay View is proud to be the homeport for past AYC commodores: 1937-38 G. Alternberg, 1943-44 Joe Bulach, 1951-52 H. Woehrie, 1956-57 Bill Collins, 1961 William Glass and 1997 Maury Gingrich.