The probability of forming the club came about in a conversation between Walt Lykens and Vincent Nugent on dock 18 at Nugent’s Canal. The fist meeting was held in the early part of July, 1963 at the Little Store with only 23 members. At that time, Vincent Nugent was elected as executive officer and Robert Miller of Clyde became the first commodore. Two weeks later, the organized session was held with 36 charter members on the roster.

Ground breaking ceremonies for the clubhouse were held Sept. 7th, 1964 but actual building did not begin until early March 1967.

In 1967, Associated Yacht Club delegates were swapping burgees with Nugent’s Canal Yacht Club, the 26th and newest affiliates. The new associate was sponsored by Harbor View Yacht Club and Swan Boat Club and welcomed into the organization of Toledo clubs by Commodore Byron Kosino.

Its purpose is to benefit all boating folks. Also to help make Lake Erie clean and safe and to keep a lively and loyal crew.

Tradition has been honored. With pride we view the past and look to new endeavors that will hold the future fast.

UPDATE May 2019

Since itís inception NCYC has grown to a membership of 81.

Upgrades have included an enclosed shelter house and 300 ft of boat dockage with water and electricity.

It continues to be an active part of the small community of Nugentís Canal.