Point Place Boat Club origins date back to 1955 when a group of Ottawa River Yacht Club members formed Flotilla 10-4 of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary. Flotilla meetings were originally held at ORYC until 1962 when a non-profit boat club was chartered as the 10-4 Association. This gave the members legal status to acquire property and docks. At first, the property at 5911 Edgewater Drive was leased. It consisted of a small frame building and an old wooden dock. The dock required constant maintenance and the building flooded several times each year.

All of the members were required to be members of the Coast Guard Auxiliary and women members were accepted for the first time. In 1972 Jim Ducey was elected as President of the board and he served in this office for 13 years. During this time the property was purchased from the landlord and the rules were changed to allow non-auxiliarists to join the club.

In 1984 the dike was completed which ended the flooding problems and allowed the members to think about a new building. In 1985 Bill Ducey succeeded his Father and headed the club for the next 4 years. Under his guidance money was raised to build a new floating dock and planning was started on a new building. In 1987 the name of the club was changed to Point Place Boat Club and the club was accepted as a member club in the AYC with Jim Ducey as the first delegate.

In 1989 Don Griffin was elected Commodore and a building committee was named to have plans drafted and negotiations started to obtain a building permit. Don was succeeded by Jack Rex, in 1990 and he continued to move forward with the building project. In 1991, under Commodore Jim Smith, the new two-story building was completed.

Since then, under Commodores Dick Waters (92), Lou Keefe (93), Doug Greenwood (94), Fred Hafaer (95), Donny Manders (96), Mike Weiss (97), Scotty Kesselmayer (98) and Bill Oswald (99) the club has continued to flourish and expand its activities.