Put-in-Bay Yacht Club is one of the oldest yacht clubs on Lake Erie. It was founded, as the Put-in-Bay Yachting Association, on February 13, 1886 with Valentine Dollar as the organization's 1st Commodore. Originally, the Association was formed by Put-in-Bay businessmen interested in promoting Inter-Lake Yachting Association's annual regatta and welcoming Yachtsmen to the island. The association was reformed in 1894 as Put-in-Bay Yacht Club. George W. Endrue served as PIBYC's 1st Commodore.

Early meetings were held in local boathouses. In 1923, PIBYC found a permanent home when Jack J. Day, who owned the old Bay View House which stood on the current side yard of the club, sold land and lake frontage to the club. The clubhouse was built soon after and a pavilion was constructed in front along the shore. Originally, the club had a substantial dock, but it was destroyed many years ago by high water and winter ice.

After World War II, an expanding group of cottage owners became interested in the club and the club experienced new growth in all aspects. A Ladies Auxiliary was established in 1949. Through their efforts, sailing and swimming programs were established in 1950 and 1952 and soon after, a Saturday Sailing Series was started. A fleet of small sailboats began to grow. A galley and shower rooms were added to the club in 1953.

In the 1960's the clubhouse was again enlarged and remodeled. An addition to the back doubled the clubhouse size and allowed for larger social events and better facilities for the sailing and swimming classes. The Auxiliary installed commercial grade equipment in the galley and purchased furniture for the front room. An "L" was added to the dock and additional land was purchased behind the club nearly tripling the club's property.

In the 70's, additional improvements were made to the clubhouse and the grounds. In the early 1980's the front of the clubhouse was strikingly renovated, blending the old with the new. During this period, the property directly to the east was obtained and parking and boat storage areas were enlarged.

More change was the theme of the 90's. The newly acquired side yard was nautically enclosed, landscaped and paved. The clubhouse was again renovated. The backroom was updated with a serving bar and storage cabinets, the galley re-evaluated and further equipped, and the front room renewed.

As the Century came to a close, the landmark trees in the front yard of the clubhouse were found to be diseased and were removed. A major addition to the rear of the club offered excellent shower facilities, better storage, and a club office. The front room was enlarged and guest restrooms installed. The club was now able to serve its members and affiliates in new ways. In 2001, Friday night suppers and the addition of a bar increased the use of the clubhouse and brought together members, their guests, and club affiliates.

Over the last 100+ years, the club has evolved into a social and recreational club, a school for sailing and swimming, and a yachting organization for islanders, summer residents, and boating members. It still continues, however, to fulfill it's original mission by hosting local and national sail and power regattas and welcoming I-LYA and AYC members to the island.