On August 23, 1945, the first meeting of "River Rouge Boat Club" was held. It was called this because it was established in River Rouge, later to be changed to "Seaway Boat Club of Wyandotte".

Raymond Lozon was appointed temporary chairman and Ted Warner as temporary secretary until election of officers was to be held at the second meeting. Nelson Wallis was elected as first president of the club. He served two years. In 1947, August (PEG) Seleski was elected as president, but in 1948 Nelson was re-elected.

In 1948 discussion of handling the races on the Detroit River had taken place. The races were held in the 50’s sponsored by "River Rouge Boat Club". The charter and by-laws being read and voted on. Also in the 50’s, they were looking into buying their own property because renting halls and finding places to hold meetings were getting to costly and hard to find. Some meetings were even held outside at a park. About 50 to 60 members attended these meetings.

The Ladies Auxiliary was established in the late 50’s, but abolished themselves around 1974. They had the option of joining the parent club. Commodore’s Balls back then, were being held at such places, as Purple Heart on Biddle and it was all free!

In 1959, the property at 6 Perry Place, Wyandotte, MI., was leased with the option to buy. The members paid to dredge out canal and boat slips to hold approximately 45 small fishing boats.

Dick Waterman was the longest running Commodore, serving from 1957-1962!

The first meeting was held at the new clubhouse in July 1960, (a two story house made of wood). Property was previously owned by the LeClair family. The building was old and not in good shape, so plans were drawn to build a new clubhouse (the one that stands now), with construction to start in 1963.

The members of the club decided to change the name of the club to "Seaway Boat Club". Many changes have taken place since the 60’s and membership has tripled. Some of the original members of "River Rouge Boat Club" are still in the club today.

UPDATE May 2019 by PC Mike Brown

 In 1990 Seaway boat club was added to the AYC roster through the efforts of Commodore David Deusatel and Vice Commodore David Brown. Then in 1996 under the guidance of Commodore Jane Kopp Seaway put in all new docks ending the use of a draw bridge for access to the docks.
In 1999 the membership voted for a new club house to be built on the site. Under the guidance of Commodore Thomas Lyon a beautiful new club house rose on the banks of the Detroit river in Wyandotte. Boasting the best view on the river Seaway continues to grow and delight all who visit.