The Sun Parlour Boat Club was organized in the late 1960’s by a small group of local people with a common interest in family-sized outboard motor boat racing.

Despite the fact that some of our current members were Charter Members, the exact date of the Club’s beginning is uncertain. The earliest recorded meeting took place in March of 1968.

The Club organized and sponsored its first race in September 1969, and then held racing events each year through 1973 with the exception of 1972. All races were under the auspices of the "C.B.F." (Canadian Boating Federation). This enabled the winning drivers to accumulate points for annual championships and encouraged drivers from other areas in Ontario and Quebec to compete.

The races were held on the Detroit River on the South side of Peche Island and used Anchor-In Harbour as the centre of activities. As a consequence of this, many people who kept their boats at Anchor-In joined the Club. As more people joined, the overall enthusiasm for racing began to decrease and more effort was put into the social functions.

As a result of the social functions, there was more inter-action with other area boat clubs and S.P.B.C. became more widely-known. This, in turn, resulted in a more diversified membership. In addition to Anchor-In boaters, S.P.B.C. members come from all over including the Detroit and Toledo areas, Pike Creek, Puce River, Belle River, Tilbury, LaSalle and Amherstburg.

On April 15, 1991 S.P.B.C. moved its home port from Anchor-In to the Edgewater Inn (now known as Lilly Kazzilly’s Crab Shack & Grill) at Lakeview Park Marina. Then in June 1993 work began on the Club’s mini club house at Park Haven Marina in LaSalle and it officially opened on a seasonal basis in September 1993. Later that year S.P.B.C. was accepted into I-LYA. Then in 2002 S.P.B.C. became the first Canadian boat club to be accepted into AYC.

We have come a long way in the last 35 years and look forward to growing even more in the future.