In 1951 a few men had an idea and from this idea the birth of the Wyandotte Yacht Club became a reality. On November 16, 1951, twenty-seven men were selected to serve as officers and Joe Zanglin, member and prominent attorney, was appointed to proceed with the task of incorporating the new club. Wyandotte Yacht Club was incorporated January 3, 1952 and was formed with the community purpose of ensuring the continuity of the sport of rowing. To that end, Wyandotte Boat Club leased a piece of their property to us and assisted in building the first clubhouse at our former location of 2299 Van Alstyne, Wyandotte (behind Wyandotte General Hospital).

After more than forty years of leasing property from the Wyandotte Boat Club, a decision was made by the then board of directors of WYC to explore the possibility of purchasing property to ensure the long term growth of the club. And so, a Purchase Committee was formed in 1993 for the very purpose of finding available riverfront property or an existing marina for the Wyandotte Yacht Club.

1998: Wyandotte Yacht Club turning point

The General Membership Meeting on December 3, 1997 was one of special note because the membership voted to purchase the River's Edge Marina in Ecorse. On March 24, 1998 the members of Wyandotte Yacht Club purchased our present facilities and began the monumental task of renovations. With the dedication, donations and many hours of labor from our members, our clubhouse was opened for business with a ribbon-cutting ceremony on February 14, 1999.

In the late spring of 1999, we began the renovations and reconstruction on our docks and marina including dredging, new docks and new electric power and water on the docks. This monumental project was totally completed in the Spring of 2001.

We still have many projects in our long term plans for completion, but as with any new venture these will come with time and the dedication of our members. Wyandotte Yacht Club members have long prided themselves in their ability and tenacity to immerse themselves in projects that will benefit the club long term. Over the years our Club has grown and prospered and will continue to grow because of the willing members whose good fellowship, cooperation and enthusiasm have made the Club what it is today, the most congenial club on the river.

2013: And so comes the next chapter in the life of the Wyandotte Yacht Club.  

Over the last several years the economy has taken its toll on our club and its membership.  The leaders and members put their hearts, souls, and much of their own money into the club to help maintain its existence, however, with a less than pleasant landlord in the mix, the Wyandotte Yacht Club members made a decision to pull up stakes and attempt a paper club existence.  It is our plan to maintain this existence until such time that we find another place that we can call our home.  Our signature mascot, The Wyandotte Indian, has been tucked safely away until that day arrives and we can once again stand him tall for all to see where we have landed.  We are looking forward to being a traveling club and have much faith that our devoted and loyal members will enjoy this next phase of our beloved Wyandotte Yacht Club.